On-farm Sales


Julie Pörksen with sale leader Wallington Talisman who was sold for £1,500 to Richard Harle from Brandon Hall Co Durham on the 30th August 2013

This year sale will be on Friday the 29th of August 2014

FULL details will appear shortly 

Report of last years Farm Sale:

A large company of buyers assembled at Gallowshill for the 4th annual sale of high index rams and gimmers. Hexham and Northern Marts auctioneer Chris Armstrong set a brisk trade . Nine of the rams on offer made over four figures, The Suffolks averaged £767 with a top price of £1,100 twice, selling to John Longlands of Tone Hall, Birtley and Mr McFarlene of Quixwood,Duns.

Texel’s averaged £804 with a top of £1,500 for Wallington Talisman who stands in 8th place in the Signet list of Top Stock Sires.

Females were not in great demand with an average of £324 and a top of £400 for Suffolks and £380 for Texels

Very pleasing was that several Suffolk rams went to Pedigree flocks including the Welsh University “Bridfa” flock in Aberystwyth.

Nutrition: As lambs all our pedigree lambs are fed creep. This does allow us to measure the different measurements like fat and muscle depth and growth rate more accurately. After weaning at ultra sound scanning, lambs are reared on grass and clover alone. During the winter they are housed and fed on silage and whole oats. After turnout in the spring they are fed on clover and grass alone. None of the animals on offer have been fed any concentrates this summer. We do recommend that rams are fed after purchase before use at a rate of 1 to 1.5 kg of a good quality concentrate. .



We have been recording and selecting our stock sheep on the basis of EBV’s since 1984.   When purchasing recorded sheep it is important to study the individual EBV of any sheep you consider purchasing.

If you are not familiar with EBVs the ‘Farmers Weekly’, 9th August 2013 issue has a splendid objective article on the subject  based on data and information from an EBLEX expert, a Signet breeding specialist and Quality Meat Scotland.

The article is also available on line at  http://www.fwi.co.uk/livestock/sheep/

Click on ‘full article’.  .Clicking the link on Step Four of the article reveals a very useful chart.





Sale underway with Hexham Mart’s auctioneer Chris Armstrong


The sale was again sponsored by Robson & Prescott, the farm’s vets; fuel supplier Par Petroleum; and animal feed company Varley’s.

Click here for location map of Gallowshill Farm.



 For further information email Hans Porksen at:  hansporksen@btinternet.com



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