On-farm Sales


Wallington Talisman (sold for £1,500 to Richard Harle from Brandon Hall in 2013) is the sire of several shearlings to be sold on 29 August 2014

2014 on-farm sale – Friday 29th of August at 4pm (Viewing after lunch)

Gallows Hill Farm, Cambo, NE61 4LB

Sale to include (click on details for detailed sales listing file to view/download/print):

23 Suffolk Shearling Rams – details

21 Texel Shearling Rams – details

13 Cross-bred Shearling Rams – 2 3/4 Texel 1/4 Suffolk & 11 Beltex x Suffolk

19 Gimmers – 4 Suffolk, 12 Texel and 3 cross-bred – details

All rams and gimmers are insured for 3 months through Luckpenny Insurance. The sale auctioneer is Chris Armstrong from Hexham and Northern Marts and is sponsored by animal feed company Varley’s. Refreshments are provided.

Nutrition: As lambs all our pedigree lambs are fed creep. This does allow us to measure the different measurements like fat and muscle depth and growth rate more accurately. After weaning at ultra sound scanning, lambs are reared on grass and clover alone. During the winter they are housed and fed on silage and whole oats. After turnout in the spring they are fed on clover and grass alone. None of the animals on offer have been fed any concentrates this summer. We do recommend that rams are fed after purchase before use at a rate of 1 to 1.5 kg of a good quality concentrate.

EBVs: We have been recording and selecting our stock sheep on the basis of EBV’s since 1984.   When purchasing recorded sheep it is important to study the individual EBV of any sheep you consider purchasing. If you are not familiar with EBVs the Farmers Weekly has a useful guide online http://www.fwi.co.uk/gr/Tuptable.pdf

Tups are signet recorded and Maedi Visna accredited.

Click here for location map of Gallowshill Farm.

For further information email Hans Pörksen at:  hansporksen@btinternet.com

Sale underway with Hexham Mart’s auctioneer Chris Armstrong


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