New Rams for Gallowshill

We have purchased three rams for the current mating season.

Suffolk: Rugley Shooting Star 10P:16: 06309   basco_logo[1]


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABought at Kelso ram sale for his outstanding appearance, great conformation and a remarkable set of EBV’s, which put him at the top end of the top 1% of the Suffolk breed. He is currently mating over 30 pedigree ewes and gimmers of which a number will be offered for sale in-lamb.


Suffolk: Rugley Northern Light 10P:16:06235  basco_logo[1]


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABought at Kelso out of the same pen as Shooting Star. He was one of the best conformation ram at Kelso. Outstanding EBV’s with exceptional muscle depth and a very impressive example of the Suffolk breed. He too is with over 30 ewes and gimmers currently and some in-lamb females to this outstanding ram will be for sale in the New Year.


Texel Ram: IGM 1615676 From Bruce and Gregor Ingrams Granite flock




IGM 1615676




On Farm Sale of High Index Rams 2017

Our sale will be again on the last Friday in August which is the 25th.

Statistics for the rams offered for sale are on the ‘On Farm Sale’ page of this site.

Please come from 1pm to register for the sale on arrival. We hope this will make the administration easier and speed up the invoicing.

Varley’s Feed Company are kindly sponsoring the refreshment stand and will have hot and cold drinks and plenty to eat.

Many of the rams are in the top 1% of the breed and there will be plenty of choice.

We are changing the auction system and will pen the rams into groups according to their reserve price.

This system is becoming very common at an increasing number of high index ram on farm sales.

All our rams are MV accredited, in the HeptavacP system and have been given Dectomax. Please have a look on: www.  for the full pedigrees.

Our stock ram Hans Fokker T79:13:095 has done well in the AHDB Ram compare trial. The muscle EBV’s are exceptional.

ABP are introducing their ABP Alpha Lamb bonus scheme ( launched at the Royal Welsh Show) for prime lambs sired by High Index rams;

The progeny of our rams will all qualify.

Hans Fokker95 going again for semen collection

We are so impressed with his progeny that Fokker is going to AB Europe again for semen collection as we have very little left in his can.

having had comments from breeders like

” His progeny has doubled my usual muscle EBVs” and

“the lambs are so clean with no wool on their head and below their knees and hocks”

“None of his lambs had twisted toes and their feet are such perfect shape”

” It’s the first time we have had an actual muscle depth back  scan over 46mm in depth and a muscle EBV over 8mm, but the best thing is that lambs looks the part.”

Fokker should have well over 400 progeny by next tupping season so keeploking at the Basco website.

New! Best ever semen available

Our current Texel stock ram Drinkstone United has performed well and semen for the 2017 breeding season is now available. He is a great ram of large stature, a great backside and fantastic length

Suffolk stock ram “Hans Fokker 95” is having to go back to have more semen collected as we have nearly run out. Having been selected for the AHDB Ram Compare trial and having progeny in four pedigree Suffolk flocks has added to his extremely high EBV accuracy figures. John Key of the Midhope flock had a ram lamb by him with a muscle EBV of over plus 8mm and an actual measurement at ultra sound scanning of over 46 mm. “The best thing” says John, ” He hasn’t just produced the best figures we ever had but he also looks the part and is an excellent example of the Suffolk breed.”

The Essie flock sold four of his sons at the last Kelso ram sale. They averaged £975.

Don’t risk missing out.

The proof is in his Pudding Club.

 Order now while supplies last.