2020 Reduction Sale of in-lamb Female Suffolks and Texels, all ages.

As we are now both well into our seventies (we know we don’t look it) we are having to face up to reducing our pedigree flocks of high indexed Suffolks and Texels. When you try to turn one of these heavyweights over in front of television cameras and fail, you know its time to admit they have won. So we are now offering in-lamb scanned gimmers and ewes for sale. We have been well known over the years since establishing our Suffolk flock in 1983 and Texel flock in 2008 for developing through careful selection, using all the latest developments in technology available, a strain of both breeds that is producing fast growing lambs finishing early off grass on our marginal farm in Northumberland. Frequently topping the country in national surveys of carcass quality and always very high in national index ratings we have enjoyed a steady flow of repeat customers for our rams.
We have also considered other qualities in our selection such as small heads. While many tup buyers would fall to the charms of a tup with a big macho head. We would avoid it like the plague. It is sure to cause lambing problems. A small heads and narrow shoulders mean easier lambing. We cannot remember the last time we had to get the vet in for a caesarean. Sound feet, longevity and general health also feature in our decision making. Whether you fancy just one or a whole bunch of them get in touch and come to look at what we have on offer.
For details phone Hans on 01669 620032 or 07807663391 or 07875625640
or email – hansporksen@btinternet.com


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