Hans Porksen, Gallowshill Farm, Cambo, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 4LB, (UK)

Mobile Phone: 07807663391

Evenings: 01669 620032

Shepherd at Gallowshill: Richard (Dick) Hunter 01670 774303



2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi,
    My name is Marlin Subra. I am a Suffolk breeder for the US. My objective is to import semen that will produce wide topped, deep muscled offspring for use October 2017. Do any of your rams meet the US export criteria? Unfortunately live animal export is not an option.
    Marlin Subra
    Subra Suffolks

    • Hi Marlin
      Unfortunately we live a long way from the AI station which is approved for semen collection to the US. Our Homedred stock ram Hans Fokker 95 would be ideal for use. He has been selected for a large scale trial because of his outstanding recordbreking muscle EBV’s
      His progeny is very active and his mother is expecting her 8th crop of lambs.Look up his records on the Basco web site
      If the semen collection changes I will be in touch . Hans

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