Gallowshill Farm

This National Trust owned farm is 137 ha all grass, with Severely Disadvantaged, Less Favoured Area Status. (SDA-LFA).  Gallowshill joined ELS in 2005 and has now joined the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme.

Dawn over Gallowshill at lambing time

Hans Porksen took over the tenancy in 1990 having previously been involved in farm management, agricultural education and consultancy.

THe farm now has flocks of Signet recorded Pedigree Suffolk, Texel and Bluefaced Leicesters (shepherds pack) and commercial flocks of Scottish Blackface, Mule and Suffolk cross sheep.

For further information email Hans Porksen at:


1 thought on “Gallowshill Farm

  1. Hi Hans,
    I’m in Northumberland at the moment, and just discovered that you might still have some shearling Ram’s for sale.
    Will give you a call later
    Kind regards Peter

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