Semen Sales

September 2019

Suffolk and Texel semen available this season. See lists below. Contact Hans for figures and other details of donor rams you may be considering.

Phone 01669 620032  Mobile 07807663391


Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer

February 2017 Update

Hans Fokker 95 has come back from AB Europe in Edinburgh after another session of semen collection. He has become popular and when his progeny is seen at sales and in breders Suffolk flocks one can be nothing but impressed with the very sound clean sheep which are outstanding examples of the Suffolk breed, have very clean legs and heads and impressive tight skins and great conformation.

Ewe lambs sired by him can be seen on the female sale page.

What is most impressive are his EBV’s. and a close study of his results on Basco are worth it. His most outstanding EBV is his muscularity, which after all is what sheep keeping is all about. Namely the production of meat. He has the highest proven muscle EBV of any ram and any breed of sheep in the UK which is currently 7.90mm for 274 progeny in four different flocks with an accuracy of 98%. He has had a dramatic effect in lifting the muscle EBV when used on poor or average muscle figures.

He is a very sound sheep and in his first three season has stopped all his ewes in the first cycle. His Sire Sandyknowe Ettrick 07-1, who was purchase by our Hans flock at Kelso for the then Kelso record price for a Suffolk shearling of £3000 was also a very fertile ram and worked naturally for 5 seasons. Fokkers dam T79:K14 is still in the flock and again in lamb and expecting her 8th crop. She is expecting a single and still looking well.

Fokker 85 CT scans are as follows:


CT scan of Fokker’s gigot


CT an of Fokker’s shoulder


CT scan of Fokker’s loin

July 2016 Update:

Hans Fokker 95  Pedigree number T79:13:095 has been used with AI by the AHDB Ram Compare Trial. As commercial ewes have been used to produce prime lambs whose slaughter details will be recorded and compared to other breeds in this trial.

This year one of his lambs, which was born (via AI) in John Key’s Midhope flock has had a muscle EBV of over 8mm.

Our March born Suffolk lambs have just been scanned and their muscle images were outstanding.

If you look at his AI progeny in the various flocks The Fokker has been used you will see that the improvement in muscle EBV’s have been outstanding Follow his progeny on Basco.

We have used Laproscopic Artificial Insemination since the late 1980’s and had generally satisfactory results. It is an excellent way of bringing new genetics into the flock and some of the very best males in the breed can be used.

We also exported embrioes to Australia.  This is an excellent way to trade superior genetics on a world wide basis while also keeping the risk of spreading diseases to an absolute minimum.

In the UK breeds like Texels and Suffolks have made great progress as the result of  sire reference schemes making use of AI using the same high indexed rams in numerous flocks in the same year and as a result benefitting from increased accuracy of evaluations

Does using a high index ram make a Difference

Large quantities of semen can be made available from the current Stock Sires retained in the flock.

Semen is currently in store from all the rams listed below.



SUFFOLK semen is available from the following rams:

Sandyknowe Ettrick 07-1  ARR/ARR (NSP)  Index 4.36 

Ettrick has produced 494 progeny in 9 flocks which has lead to great accuracy levels in his EBV’s.  He produces lambs with great loins, length and great skins and colour.  He has the ability to pass on his scan muscle depth and produced some of the best muscle EBV’s in the breed.

A group of Ettrick daughters sold to Logie Durno, Aberdeen


Hans Perfection T79:11:028   Index 5.12

.Hans Prime Performer T79:11:016  Index 5.55 :

Hans Fokker 95 T79:13:095, ARR/ARR  Index 6.22                     

Drinkstone Horatio  ( Y68 : H25 ) ARR/ARR (NSP)   Index 3.99                        


TEXEL  SEMEN  SALES   available from the following rams:

Lumbylaw Never Say Die (ORL 07222) ARR/ARR (NSP)     Index 374

Wallington Special Blend (PHN 1100033)ARR/ARR         Index 390.

Wallington Talisman PHN 1201763      Index 437

Wallington Top Gun PHN 1201773   Index 374

Wallington U Fokker ARR/ARR    Index 472

Wallington U Fatty  ARR/ARH    Index 452

Index as in July 2014 Look up the latest analysis and detailed EBV’s on Basco website

 Semen prices depend on rams chosen and quantities purchased but varies from £10 to £50 per dose . Minimum is 6 doses and all are sold in in even numbers only.






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