Hans Suffolks

Latest news – 2020 private reduction sale of in-lamb gimmers and ewes. See page ‘Stock Currently for Sale’ for details. Call 01669 620032 or 07807663391 or 07875625640 or email – hansporksen@btinternet.com

Also advertised on – sellmylivestock.co.uk


The Hans Flock of Pedigree Suffolk sheep was established in 1983 from a number of sources.

The main influence were draft ewes from the ESCA flock, which was the research flock at SAC Edinburgh.

Hans’ flock was a founder member of the Suffolk Sire Reference Scheme and Hans was a director on its management board for the entire duration of the scheme’s existence.

With the arrival of BLUP and accurate EBV’s this flock has progressed with practical interpretation of the data to one be of the leading flocks in the UK.

Many years of lambing early and selling ram lambs at Kelso, with a top average of over £600 for 30 lambs sold and an individual high of £2000 for Hans Ultima Thule, have now been replaced by a March lambing producing shearling rams sold at an on-farm sale on the last Friday in August each year.

Rams are now turned out naturally, completely undressed and fed only on green food in the summer before their sale.

We have recorded lamb behaviour during the first week of life for quite a number of years and selected breeding stock, which are born easily, lively and extremely active.

We have also selected males with smaller heads, lighter shoulders, great growth rates and muscling ability with a positive rating for fat. This has led to very sound, high index offspring, which are all at the top end of genetic evaluation.

Their offspring are born easily and have great sucking ability and excellent survival rates.

Their cross-bred offspring grow very quickly and are ready for slaughter at least 2 weeks before the offspring of average Suffolk rams.

A lot of attention has been paid to sound physical structure, very clean jet black “milky” hair on their heads and legs and very tight skins. The female offspring of our rams are excellent as female flock replacements. In fact the Suffolk cross Mule females we keep out-perform their dams and lamb down at 5 to 10% above our mule flock average lambing percentage.

Current stock rams: . 


Purchased at Kelso for the record shearling price of £3,000

Sandyknowe Ettrick 07-1

Sandyknowe Ettrick 11-2

Hans Prime Performer & Hans Perfection

and last seasons top lamb with exceptional EBV’s

HANS Fokker 95 (T79:13:095)

OFFSPRING  WILL BE  FOR  SALE when they are shearlings AT THE  ON-FARM  SALE  ON  THE  LAST  FRIDAY  IN  AUGUST the 29th 

Look up their latest EBV analysis and pedigree on: www.egenes.co.uk/bascosearchsheep (Type their names in the box at the top right hand corner of the home page.  On the subsequent page click on the name where it is written in red.  All the data should come up.)

For further information email Hans Porksen at:  hansporksen@btinternet.com

©Hans Porksen 2014

Sandyknowe Ettrick daughters sold to Logie Durno 2010

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